Maryland Lottery - What Are The Best Games To Play?

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Maryland lottery offers many different and exciting games for its citizens to play. If you are looking for the best games to participate in, then you should read this article.

Firstly, it helps if the player is categorized as either an individual who wants to win a huge jackpot prize, or just wishes to increase their chances of winning an odd prize with lower jackpot prize. So it depends on what the player is looking for.

If you are one of those players who chose the first option for the lotto game, then opt for Maryland Mega Millions. This is an interstate game which Maryland plays a big part of. A high number of people participate in the game; therefore the jackpot is usually massive. Sometimes it even reaches up to $100 million or more when there are rollovers. Let us mention that the odds of winning this jackpot are very low as in 1 in 100 million! But every week millions of Americans keep their dreams alive by buying a lottery ticket for as little as $1.

If you chose the second option because you thought there is no way you would win the Mega Millions game, and you are just after something smaller, then Bonus Match 4 is a game for you. In this game of Bonus Match 4, the player must match all 4 numbers out of 39 to win the jackpot of $600. The odds of winning the top prize in this game are 1 in 115,000, so you stand a better chance than the previous game. However you could choose to play Bonus Match 5 which has a much higher jackpot prize of $50,000. The odds are 1 in 575,000 though. But it is a chance worth taking.

There are many more games such as scratch cards that are instant wins, Such as Money Bags, Super Slots, Deal or No Deal etc. For sale from lotto agents. So take your pick by taking a chance on your luck!

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